Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Taboo Toyboys & Not Very Freebies

Greetings all!

For no particular reason I feel the need to mention just how hot Scarlet Johansson is, both in general and in the sci-fi action film Lucy, which I caught at the cinema yesterday. It's a very good film, by the by. Go see it!

The weather has taken a turn for the wet so I've been writing like a woman possessed! Hot on the heels of my last story, Mother's Secret Sissy Son, I've just published another story of shocking lust of the most taboo nature.

My Taboo Toyboy tells the tale of Shauna, a bored housewife in her mid-forties. Shauna discovers a new lease on life when she meets Jason, a 23 year old stud who loves and would do anything for her.

Shauna wants to make their first time extra-special. When out shopping for some new lingerie, something to drive her young buck wild, Shauna stumbles upon his dark secret. Her toyboy is also out shopping for underwear. He is out shopping with a woman from Shauna's past she never expected to see again. Her estranged twin sister.

I'm making My Taboo Toyboy an Amazon exclusive for the first 90 days, just to see what happens. Get it........... here!

Get a load of the sexy cover:

Now, when last I chatted at ya, I promised Mother's Secret Sissy Son would be free across the board. Trying to get Amazon to make it free has been like trying to stop a fat man eating doughnuts. Impossible. So if you want to pick it up for nothing, head on over to the likes of Smashwords or Barnes & Noble. If you want to be lovely and my favouritest people in the entire world, then feel free to pay 99c or 77p or however much your regional version of Amazon demands!

Until next time, stay taboo!


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A Sissy Freebie

Friends, Romans, Sissymen, lend me your lingerie!

Greetings all, how the devil are you? I have been exceedingly busy with writing, it's taken up so much of my time I've barely had the chance to tweet, Pinterest or even log in to Facebook (I really must do that after I've published this blog...)

What I have had the chance to do however, is read a cracking horror novel by Dan Simmons. 'The Terror' is a fictional account of an ill-fated trek through the Arctic in the 19th century. It's a fucking good read and I highly recommend it.

I'm pleased to announce I have a good 5 stories on the go at the minute and hope to start publishing them for your enjoyment over the coming weeks. Some stories involve MILFs who harbour fantasies of being gangbanged, others feature a sexy BBW who attends a resort with rather 'unusual' methods of encouraging weight loss. I have have an alternate history sci-fi sissification/feminization story on the go that is sure to shock and arouse in equal measure! Make no mistake, that one will be a doozy.

In the meantime, I am pleased to announce I have just published a story for your delectation. It is part 2 in my 'Mother's Secret...' series and I'm happy to report it is going to be permanently FREE across all platforms.

Titled 'Mother's Secret Sissy Son', the story details the shocking turn of events that follow when a single mother in her late 30s finds a bra that is not hers in the house she shares with her 18 year old son. Determined to find the owner of this offending underwear, the mother prowls the house, eventually finding the culprit in her own bedroom - and dressed in her clothes!

Ready to give the tart a piece of her mind, the mother is shocked to discover she recognises this intruder. And when the person greets her with "Hi mom", the only thing she can do is take refuge in her bathroom as her cross-dressing, sissy son pleads with his mother to come out.

The next morning Jensen's mother takes the time to listen to him, to understand why he feels more comfortable when he cross-dresses. Satisfied that her boy is not a pervert, and not doing anything wrong, she agrees to become his 'personal stylist'. Helping him shave his legs, chest and other 'extremities', the open-minded mother teaches her giddy son all the make-up tips her own mother taught her.

Later, while engaged in a lighthearted game of 'dress-up' with her son, the mother produces a camera so that she can take photos of Jensen's make-up and outfit for future reference. As Jensen unleashes his inner Supermodel, the photos become naughtier, sexier and so racy that only a XXX magazine would ever consider publishing them! As one thing leads to another, this mother and son will find themselves experiencing an eye-opening day that neither will ever forget!

Check out this mouth-watering cover:

The story is so fresh that it is currently only available on Smashwords, and you can find it by clicking right on this naughty little link.

The story is still publishing on Amazon, and when it does go live it will have a price, because Amazon don't let you publish a freebie! Give it a couple of days, then, once my erotic author pals have reported it as free elsewhere, I will post again and let you know you can download it free of charge. Don't say I'm not good to you all!

Until next time, stay free!


Monday, 28 July 2014

Pegging, Peeping & Sissifying

Ah, my honeys!

Last month I was raving about the lovely weather in my part of the world. July has only been hotter... and boy am I getting sick of it! There's something about sitting in a sweatbox of a house with all the windows and doors open, fans spinning full blast, and still finding yourself drowning in your own perspiration.

The (large) downside of this is that I haven't written anything of any meaningful length in quite some time. Even trying to update this very blog more often has proven difficult.

On the plus side, I have managed to publish another 2 stories. They're so very dirty - much naughtier than any of my previous smut! The first I published, Pegging The Peeper, was originally written for a contest held by Raminar Dixon, author extraordinaire and fella behind The Naughty List. Subscribe today if you love some bargain erotica! Click here, my honeys. You know you want to.

Anyway, I didn't win the contest, but I did end up with a very erotic story that I just had to share with the world. Here's the skinny on it:

A peeping tom makes a fatal mistake. He unwittingly allows himself to be caught by the two beautiful nurses he had been spying on.

Desperately trying to talk his way out of a phone call to the police, the voyeur begs the women to let him go. But they have other ideas. The tables are turned and the peeping tom is about to find himself on the end of a rather unusual punishment! PEGGING THE PEEPER.

The raunchy (and hilarious) cover was designed by my good friend Ashley Jay Allen...

Available on all good ebook sites, including Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.

My second story is in a similar vein (naughty dude gets taught a lesson by 2 hot ladies). Titled 'A Sissy in the Family', this one features the following:

Bonnie's son Casey comes home from his first year of college a changed man. Gone is the loving, considerate boy she knew and loved. He has been replaced by a hard drinking, womanising, misogynist who immediately dumps his long time girlfriend and embarks on a series of one night stands.

Fed up of Casey's treatment of the girls he brings home with him, Bonnie teams up with her best friend Suzy (mother of Casey's ex) and together they hatch a plan to show her son EXACTLY what it feels like to be in the shoes of one of the women he has treated like a piece of meat. Only, it isn't just the shoes that Casey finds himself wearing!

Whisking a sissified Casey to a packed bar, Bonnie and Suzy enjoy his discomfort as he is hit on by a pair of masculine jocks. One thing leads to another, however. It is safe to say this is one night neither Bonnie, Casey nor Suzy will forget!

The rather hot cover was edited by my other good friend, Quentin Scott:

Surprisingly enough, this is also available everywhere sexy ebooks are sold. Amazon & Smashwords, for example! (It should follow on Barnes & Noble in a few days).

I should also make you fine folks aware that my work is slowly but surely becoming available on a groovy little website called A1 Adult Ebooks. If you're not a fan of Amazon or Smashwords then give this site a try. I consider it the independent bookseller to Amazon's behemoth, faceless corporation! My stories can be found by clicking right... here!

Well, that's about it for the time being, but if I think of anything else I will holler at you.

By the way, I'm considering publishing a monthly newsletter with updates on any new stories or price drops. We'll see though, it's tough enough finding the time to write my stories, tweets and blog updates!

Until next time, stay pegged!


Friday, 27 June 2014

Monster Mash!

Hello my lovelies!

I promised you I would let you know when the monster mash bundle which featured my story Deflowered was released....

Well here it is!

This marvellous compilation features 11 of the hottest monster stories known to man and womankind! 80,000 fantastically erotic words, you know you wanna buy it.

Here are the links:




Well, I don't want to make this a lengthy blog post as I have some hot pegging porn I want to write. That's right, it's time to get some sissies up in this bitch!

Until next time

Stay tentacular


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Out of this world!

Greetings! Fans, haters, proudly perverted - how the devil are you all?

I'm in high spirits. June has been a fun month for me. The weather in Stonehenge has been lovely (except today - rain rain rain) and I recently had a very relaxing week off work. The summer solstice was last weekend and I had a rare old time hobnobbing with various druids and drunken, doped up hippies. A Gandalf-esque druid tried to marry me off, but I was having none of it! Living in sin is much better...

You'll start seeing a lot more of my work in the coming weeks. I have just published a new story (more of which in a moment) and my paranormal, psychedelic erotica 'Deflowered' will soon be released as part of a bundle with 10 other beastly works of sex and the modern monster.

I've also had a look at the pricing of my last story 'All You Can Eat'. Perhaps $2.99 was too much for this, admittedly hot as hell, slice of food-based erotica. I've reduced it to $0.99 for a while, but I might just change my mind so you'd better snap it up while you can! It will shortly reflect the new price on Amazon (damn 12 hour wait) but is already reduced on Smashwords. Click that link, you know you wanna!

Now back to the story I just finished publishing. It is the first in another proposed series entitled 'Memoirs of a Tabloid Journalist'. The conceit is this: my darling grandmother passed away, leaving me the contents to her bank vault. She was a tabloid journalist and left me cuttings, clippings, recording and notes of all the stories she had published, as well as a few that didn't see the light of day.

The first story I stumbled upon was only prevented from being published when the subject of the piece withdrew his consent.

Enough of the preamble, Zara, you sexy slut! I hear you shout. What's the story about?!

First of all, rude! Second of all, the story is about an unassuming man named Harold from the north of England, one night he finds himself beamed aboard the craft of a mysterious species from outer space. The reason for his abduction? He has been hand-picked to breed with a female inhabitant Bastet, a planet populated by hybrid humanoid-feline creatures. Will Harold engage in an interplanetary act of carnal desire, or refuse and risk the wrath of the owners of an INTERGALACTIC STUD FARM?

It is hot and sexy and positively out of this world! Only $0.99 on both Amazon (where it will appear shortly) and Smashwords. Click on that link baby, click it real good.

I'll blog at you again when the bundle including Deflowered has been released. I believe it will be $0.99 for 11 hot stories. Fantastic fucking value for money.

Until then....

Stay abducted!


Monday, 16 June 2014

Interview with a Zavaroni

Blessed readers,

I don't know what it's been like in your part of the world but in Stonehenge, June has been hot! It makes a nice change from the cold, cold weather we normally experience in this part of the world, but it does play havoc with a person's creativity.

Since my last post I have finished up another short story and am in the middle of about 3 others. It will be a little while until I get them published however.

Speaking of published (segueway!), my main reason for posting is to let you all know about the interview I did for my Twitter chum and fellow eroticist +Celia Dunroy. I had a blast thinking of answers to all her probing questions - why not check it out here?

Stay posing!


Saturday, 31 May 2014

Eating Out

Loyal readers, where did that month go? It seems like only yesterday I was posting about my sunny Bank Holiday catching up with old friends.

What has happened in that time? Lots of stuff and nothing at all. I had a brief sojourn in Glasgow where I went to watch my Dundee United Football Club play in the Scottish Cup Final. A waste of time and money, we were appalling.

It struck me about a week ago that I hadn't do much in the way of writing since the start of the month. I had a few ideas kicking around my head so I quickly got to work and wrote a couple of very sexy stories. One of which will hopefully be published pretty soon, the other, why, I just published it this very morning!

It is called All You Can Eat and the synopsis is this:

Forced to install hidden cameras after a spate of thefts, a restauranteur discovers her employees hunger not only for the fine Italian cooking, but each other!

With a lesbian threesome, a delivery of a different kind and a bare-naked human buffet, you're sure to find something on this menu that you'll love!

The cover was edited together by Quentin Scott ( and is very tasty:

Available on both Smashwords and Amazon now! It's a bit more expensive than most of my stories at $2.99 but since it's about double the length and features 3 awesome sex scenes I think it's worth it.

Stay hungry